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A list of things I work (and worked) on.

kartoffeldruck - A non-pluggable, all-in-one, opinionated static site generator written in NodeJS

bpmn.io - A BPMN 2.0 visualization tool and web modeler

kickr - A table soccer result tracker application

dashup - cross repository/organization activity streams for GitHub

hplayer - An audio drama fall asleep specialized command line based media player

karma-browserify - fast Browserify integration for Karma that handles large projects with ease

node-xsd-schema-validator - XSD schema validator for NodeJS that uses Java to perform the actual validation (because only Java can actually handle 100 percent of the XSD hell)

ngDefine - a integration of AngularJS into RequireJS powered applications

silent-disco - a remote disco that synchronizes the music streamed from SoundCloud between all connected ears

Endwelt Automation - An in-browser automation for the online game Endwelt using Greasemonkey. Including data mining and analytics.

jquery-tagit - a tag auto completion plug-in for jQuery

jquery-dialog2 - declarative, markup centric ajax dialog flow library for jQuery / Bootstrap

Lords and Knights Automate.js - An in-browser automation for the online game Lords and Knights

annotation_security - transparent, resource based, declarative security for ruby on rails applications (transparent = I do not have to touch the code of my rails controllers and models to wire together the security)

SV Empor Volleyball - Website of a local volleyball club

FirstFriend - A help system for new students at the Blekinge Institute of Technology

planetinvaders.net - Collaborative and competitive AI development in a simple strategy game